Thursday, 31 May 2012

Still recovering....

Apologies for the lack of updates following our Globe performances last week. We haven't quite yet recovered. The response from audiences has been amazing as have the reviews such as this one from The Guardian

Since Globe shows last week the actors have been on tour to Ipswich and Wolverhampton. It was hard for them to adjust from performing in front of 1500 people to an audience of just 60 or 70 - not quite the same buzz as you might imagine! This Saturday they'll be performing in Derby's historic Arboretum Park at 3pm. The park warden has arranged a beautiful spot for us (see photo below). We're expecting a good turn-out from the Deaf community - it should be a fantastic afternoon out!

Stage Manager Georgina Alexander visiting the Arboretum earlier this month

Monday, 21 May 2012

The final rehearsals...

This Saturday was the actors' last day of rehearsals at RADA Studios (see photos below). Today they have moved to The Globe where they are rehearsing in a studio space. 

Tomorrow morning will be the first time the cast get to practice on the Globe's hallowed stage. The directors will be specifically focusing on stage entrances and exits and making any minor adjustments required. The Globe is a very unique space with its balconies and trapdoors with audiences viewing the stage from all sorts of angles! But team has been well prepared for this. Roll on tomorrow...looks like the sun will be out!

Friday, 18 May 2012


As we edge ever closer to the big day, here is a bit of info about Donna Mullings from Derby who plays Lady-in-Waiting, Maria. It has been quite some time since she last performed with Deafinitely Theatre which was back in 2004 in Children of a Greater God. She has this to say:

"I am very much looking forward to perform at The Globe with the cast, it will be a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Shakespeare's language is difficult to understand, we have (with the wonderful support from Kate Furby and Andrew Muir) had to to translate the language into Modern English and then into BSL.
It had been tricky to adjust our BSL language into a much more visual form. It will be AMAZING once we are on stage!!! Paula Garfield (the Director) has been brilliant, supporting us and making us feel comfortable, helping us to understand the play.  I feel it is going to be an incredible experience and I am going to be filled with lot of butterflies, all fluttering around in my stomach...  I feel so privileged and honoured to be acting on this very famous stage. It will be a completely overwhelming experience!"

Donna in Children of a Greater God, 2004

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Time to introduce the guy who will be playing Costard, a character described as "a clown" by Shakespeare. His name is David Sands and he originates from Barrow-on-Furness. He has appeared in a few Deafinitely plays including The Boy and the Statue at the Tricycle Theatre last year and Lipsticks and Lollipops in 2008. We look forward to lots of laughs from David next week!

David in The Boy and the Statue. Photo by Simon Kane.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Getting dressed up

A few days ago a costume fitting session was held for our actors. The costumes have been designed by Fiona Albrow and are loosely based on a historical period. Can you guess which? Answers on a postcard please...

Friday, 4 May 2012

Walking in the Woods

Here is a very brief clip (we don't want to reveal too much just yet!) from our rehearsals this week. The scene is from Act 4, Scene 1 when Costard (played by David Sands) interrupts the Princess of France's hunt in the woods, waving a letter in his hand. 

As its a rehearsal clip its a bit rough around the edges but gives you a taste of what you will see on the 22nd May! 

Also in the clip are Nadia Nadarajah (Princess), Charlotte Arrowsmith (Rosaline) and Brian Duffy (Boyet).

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Today our little spotlight is on Charlotte Arrowsmith who plays Rosaline, one of the ladies-in-waiting. An East-London resident, she has acted with us before in Lipsticks and Lollipops in 2008 and The Boy and the Statue in 2011.

She's full of confidence when talking about Love's Labour's Lost:

"When our play is being performed on stage, Shakespeare's writing and his language will be portrayed by the beauty of hands. The beauty of face expressions and physicality will enlighten a meaning to a single word. As a whole, a mix of cultures and literature that will bring a melting pot bubbling over with some extra flavours and surprises. Once people have a taste of it, they be back for more!"

Hopefully you'll be feeling hungry now.

Charlotte, along side Vitalis Katakinas in The Boy and the Statue at the Tricycle Theatre in 2011